The tag has a description that seems very similar to the tag, but it seems to be used often in lieu of the tag.*

Relational short description:

Category of database management systems characterized by the ability to join two data sets by matching on common fields, using mathematics-based relational logic.

RDBMS short description:

Relational Database Management System, a widely used type of database management system characterized by its extensive use of joining as a core operational principle.

I think we should drop the tag. That would serve to remove some of the ambiguity between the three tags. Alternatively it would be nice to develop some clear guidance on when the tag is more appropriate that the other tags.

*: Click each tag for a list of questions.

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    I agree. the "relational" tag is very often misapplied. Commented Nov 3, 2015 at 7:09

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It seems ought to be a synonym of and then merged. I'll wait to see what the community response is to this idea before taking any action.

Update: the synonym has been created and a merge performed.

The tag issue is addressed in a separate meta discussion.


It has been over a month and no one has answered so I'm adding my own answer.

  1. I think the tag should be removed and replaced.
  2. I think the tag should be just removed, because I don't understand where/how it really adds value.
  3. I think the tag should stay.

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