I seem to recall that the options for rejecting an edit included "Too minor" or something similar. Just wondering about the reasoning behind taking that option off?

Current options show as: enter image description here


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There are at least two questions where this change has been suggested/discussed:

  • Approve as too minor. An old question where @Shog in 13th of August makes many suggestions, one of them being:

    1. Get rid of the "too minor" reject reason entirely.
  • @Shog's question (20th of August): What guidance should be given when edits are rejected?, where he starts with:

    I'm hoping to get rid of the "too minor" edit rejection reason, in favor of...

    and where @Gilles' answer has among other things:

    We're getting a better mechanism for too minor, good riddance.

Finally, although I don' think there is a public announcement yet, except for the discussions and comments linked above, the "unofficial list of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network" , maintained by the users, in the meta question:
Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange, has:

September 2014

2014-09-10: Suggested edit review offers a new button “Improve Edit” instead of “Improve”. This action will fail any known-bad audits, while "Reject and Edit" action will pass these audits.

2014-09-09: Numbered list can now start with any number, not just 1.

2014-09-08: "Too minor" was removed from the suggested edits reject reasons list.

2014-09-05: Suggested edit review offers a new button “Reject and Edit”.

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