Question : Selecting data from multiple rows and insert it into a column.

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Someone else tried to add to his answer with this edit

Edit: The T-SQL (SQL Server) syntax uses CROSS APPLY to perform the same task, i.e.:

    SELECT x.name, y.address
    FROM temp x 
    CROSS APPLY ( VALUES (x.name, x.city),
                         (x.name, x.phone_no),
                         (x.name, x.pincode)) AS y(name, address) 

CROSS APPLY in SQL Server also often generates more effective execution plans than a bunch of union operators, so it's definitely worth a try.

I had rejected it with the reason Should be posted as a separate answer.

Would it be worth it to add this as a standard reason for rejecting edits ?

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No. This was a good edit suggestion. Having multiple answers that address part of the question is not preferable to having one good, collaboratively-improved answer. This is a wiki site, after all.

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I have to disagree with the currently accepted answer.
This is a Wiki site, but there is more than one possible, valid answer for most of the more complex questions. It helps to keep different answers from multiple authors separate:

  • To see when each was posted easily, without having to study the edit history.

  • To have separate votes on multiple alternatives, so we can see which solution is more popular (taking the date of the post into account).

  • In extreme cases to flag / close / delete just that answer.

  • To attribute each answer to a specific author. Regulars - most probably including you (the reader) - learn to interpret answers better, knowing the background of the author a bit.
    For instance, I can understand why somebody choses a certain syntax variant, given that 90% of his answers are for RDBMS XY.

If all parties agree on a single, cooperative answer, that's perfectly fine, of course. We would see comments indicating as much ...

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