Are questions about configuring or using SQL/DBA tool, such as SQL Studio, SQL Developer, TOAD, or phpMyAdmin, best posted on DBA? If not, what is the best SE site for such?

The kind of question I have in mind relates to troubleshooting keep-alives and connectivity; it blurs into server admin and networking, and is not code or SQL-related. The problem seems to be specific to SQL Studio, which is why I lean toward asking DBAs rather than, say, network admins on SU.

  • You have been using both SO and DBA for quite long...
    – bonCodigo
    Commented Jun 11, 2014 at 3:31

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Good question.

Tools are officially on-topic here but of course it's a borderline area where there is overlap with SF, SO and even SU (but what exactly is/isn't on-topic at SU anyway?).

In the end it's a judgement call: if you think your question will be interesting to our experts then I'd say 'ask here', that's the real criteria for an expert site like dba.se.


Obviously it depends a bit more on the content of the question, but if it's a technical question (excluding coding specific questions) such as "how to use..." or "how do I configure..", I would post it on SU myself.

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