Last week I posted a question on meta.SO about SQLServerPedia link rot. Essentially, all of the links we have here on dba.SE that point there are dead - they either go to a 404 page or the front page of their wiki. Most of the content isn't gone, but Dell/Quest did not do a very good job of revamping their site structure - they should have left in 404 handlers that were smart enough to redirect, but they didn't bother.

The answer there shows various ways to re-map the old links to the new locations of the content.

I have no idea who on SO is going to help hack away at these. But this is an official request for some assistance in updating the links in those posts on our site so that the links are valid and don't require any more work than clicking once. Who's with me?

The posts are here:


Although Google might identify a few that our own search does not:

Obnoxiously long Google link

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Well, thanks to the efforts of Martin Smith and a few others, we have completely eradicated this link-rot from our site. Now we can sit back and wait for Quest Dell to sell ToadWorld to someone else and do it all over again.

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